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Our New Product - E.Sep


The company's team has a vast experience in the fields of cryobiology, reproductions and mechanical engineering. 

FertileSAFE solve problems in the field of assisted reproduction technology with the scope of making IVF safer, more efficient and cheaper.



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New Publications:

The Near Future of Vitrification of Oocytes and Embryos: Looking into Past Experience and Planning into the Future​

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IVF Meeting:

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by Dr. Amir Arav 


Check out our new product. The Easy Separation of Sperm Device.

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  • An easy, rapid and safe separation of sperm

  • The device uses micro-pores and thermo and chemo taxis principles

  • Direct separation of motile sperm into a ready to use syringe

  • High motility and morphology rates

  • Closed system performance reducing environmental contamination risks

  • Straw has a CE approval

  • Ready to use for IUI, IVF, ICSI

  • Cost effective

  • No need for washing

E.Vit - Easy Vitrification Device
  • Simple, efficient, standardised & a reproducible vitrification system.

  • Employs CE certified 0.25ml straws.

  • Vitrifies many straws simultaneously.

  • Each straw can be loaded with up to 5 oocytes or embryos.

  • Allows multi-patients vitrification.

  • Time saving vitrification process. 

  • Reduces osmotic and mechanical damages. 

  • Allows rapid cooling & warming rates(>18,000°C/min).

FertileSAFE is a young bio-medical company specializing in the field of cryobiology and reproduction technology.


Upcoming Meetings:
  1. EuroMedlab Barcelona, Spain, May 18-23, 2019

  2. WHII Tel Aviv, Israel, July 9-11, 2019

  3. ART World Congress New York, USA, October 10-11, 2019

  4. Cryobiology 3 Days Workshop Alghero, Italy, September 16-19, 2019

  5. The Pelvis as a mother "Journey to the
    Center of A.R.T." Bari, Italy, September 30 - October 1/2, 2019  

  6. Ovarian Club XIV Meeting Paris, France, November 7-9, 2019

  7. ISFP Congress New York, USA, November 14-16, 2019


A new vitrification device for manual Sarah. Simple and efficient vitrification device. Up to 6 straws at the same time. Up to 30 oocytes or 6 embryos at the same time.

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