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Roy is a chemist and biologist specializing in the field of cryobiology and clean organic synthesis. Roy worked as a biologist and lab technician at IMT Ltd. 


Roy has received his Bachelor degree of Chemistry and Biology from Tel Aviv University. His research project in chemistry focused on the design and synthesis of Multi-arm PEG-Dendrimer hybrid macromolecules for biomedical applications. His research in biology was on cryopresevation of coral reefs fragments and larvae using the vitrification technique.


Roy completed his master degree in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology in the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York, UK. His research project focused on solution-phase peptide synthesis with cyclic carbonates as sustainable solvents.


Roy worked as a postgraduate research assistant and a teacher assistant in organic chemistry and chemical biology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. The group research was focused in the areas of synthetic organic chemistry with an emphasis in carbohydrate chemistry. His research project title was Synthesis of a Highly Immunogenic Branched Oligosaccharide Epitope from Glycoprotein GP72 of Trypanosoma Cruzi. 

Roy Arav, M.Sc. - Product Manager and Scientific Advisor

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