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Dr. Arav is a leading scientist in the field of cryobiology and reproduction. He founded Galcore ltd, IMT Ltd and Core Dynamics Ltd, all of these companies specialized in the fields of Cryiobiology and were based on Dr. Arav's patents.


Dr. Arav has received his Bachelor degree of Animal Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M) degree from the University of Bologna, Italy. His PhD degree in neuroscience physiology and biomedical engineering was a combined project of the University of Bologna and the University of California at Berkeley. Post doctorate was done at the Center for Biostabilization, University of California at Davis.


He has published his research in over 150 scientific papers, in peer-reviewed journals. Filed over 60 patents and is the recipient of many prizes for basic and applied research.


Amir Arav, DVM, PhD - CEO and founder

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